Get Complete control over your business with our easy to use ERP/Project management system - Yellow Jersey

The New and easy to use ERP/Project management system

Yellow Jersey is the first ERP/Project management system that's easy to use

ERP/Project management  systems covers a lot of functionality. But what’s all this functionality worth if it’s to difficult to use? Yellow Jersey was made from scratch to be easy to use. With a minimalistic design and intutive menus a new user finds his way around quickly.

60 minutes and you are up and running

An new admin user will typically be up and running inside the Yellow Jersey ERP system after a 60 minutes on-boarding session. In addition to showing you the ropes we will also help you set up your business information so that your team can start using the system. This includes setting up branding, company information, add your team members and so on.

If you for any reason at all need more time to be fully operational we are here to help you all the way.

1-1 onboarding of all team member

To make sure you get the most out of our system we help you with the onboarding of your team members. We sit down with each of them and show them how to use Yellow Jersey for their daily tasks.

This means that your management team doesn't have to spend any time on getting their teams up and runnning.

Minimal internal resources required

As we do the individual onboarding wih each of your team memebers you need little resources to get going.

Furthermore we help you set up your integrations, emails, and website forms, etc.

We also help you so that your organization starts transforming the way it operates to get all the benefits from the ERP system

No Third-Party Consultants Needed

Much can be said about third-party consultants in the ERP industry. And frankly, for many solutions, they are necessary for securing a successful implementation.

Yellow Jersey on the other hand so easy to use that you don't really need them.

That being said we work well with them if you are using one.

Hours not months

When you are ready to implement the ERP system in your organization we are there to assist you all the way.

As Yellow Jersey is so easy to use, we can spend our time making sure everyone in your organization is firing on all cylinders instead of explaining "first you must click that button, then you must read the manual on page 459..."

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Back in control and Increased efficiency

Yellow Jersey puts you back in control

Yellow Jersey gives you back control with its powerful real-time reporting on task completion, project progress and KPIs. This ensures that you and your management team is can focus on strategic decisions instead of putting out fires

Increased organizational output

Yellow Jersey improve your organization’s efficiency by streamlining and automating your business processes, centralizing all your data and enabling data sharing across teams, and generating customizable real-time reports.

ERP statistics

58% growth in revenues and 80% growth in profits

A 2020 research report by Enterprise Strategy group found that companies on average grow revenues by 58% and profits by 80% if the company start using a modern ERP system.

95% see major improvements

According to Datixinc 95% of businesses achieve major improvements after their implementation through reducing process times, increasing collaboration and centralizing enterprise data.


About 28% of organizations achieved ROI within a year, and over half (58%) did so in less than two years, but 15% took longer than three years.

Top 3 benefits

The top three benefits businesses said they gained from an ERP system are reduced process time, increased collaboration and a centralized data system.

Meet the Yellow Jersey ERP/Project management system

Yellow Jersey is the newest ERP/Project management system on the market

Whereas most ERP/Project management systems on the market today is 20+ years. Yellow Jersey is the modern newcomer. 

Cloudbased and fast moving, Yellow Jersey is made with modern technology ready for 2022 and on wards.

Easy to use

Yellow Jersey is so easy to use that a new team member is up and running in 30 minutes. 

And to make life easier for you, we do 1-1 onboarding with all your team members so each person knows how to use the ERP/Project management system to  complete his/her daily activities. This way you can focus on running your business instead.

Crm to grow sales

Nurture Leads, Create Proposals, Have Clients Sign Online - Our CRM Let's You Close More Deals.

Manage Projects

Create, Run And Nail Your Projects As Your Organisation Grow.

HR & Hire Faster

Hiring made easier Onboard With A Few Clicks. Create Shift Plans, Log Hours And Run Payroll All In One Place.

Support Ticketing

Get Happier Clients With Our Ticketing Solution That Let's you Respond Quicker To Customer Tickets.


Send Invoices With 5 Clicks. Need Recurring Invoices? We Got You Covered

Contract management

Stay On Top Of Your Contracts. Get Notified When Contracts Are About to Expire.

Task manager

Create Tasks For Yourself Or Assign Them To Your Team Members. Keep Track Of Progress And Never Forget The Important Stuff.

Expense management

Keep track Of Your Expenses. Take A Pic Of Your Receipts And Store Them In Yellow Jersey.

Add Your Expenses To Clients  Invoices.

Knowledge base

Increase Your Teams Productivity and Improve Quality Of Service With A Knowledge Base For Internal And External Use


Send and receive your mail, Answer And Keep Track Of Your Support Tickets, Share Information With Your Team With The Announcement Tool

Share files & folders

Share Files And Folders Easily With The Shared Drive

Real-time KPIs

Automatically Stay On Top Of The Metrics That Are Important To You


After a several years of high growth and low interest rates many industries are now facing inflation and slowing growth. The times when companies were able to sustain excess costs by an influx of “free” leads are over.

The winning companies in the next 5 years are likely to be those that are able to sustain growth, while at the same time being able to utilize every employee to the fullest.

Yellow Jersey can help your organisation become one of the winners. 

By using our CRM you will maximize the number of new clients in you win in any market. And by using the ticketing solution you can keep your existing customers happy so they don’t leave you. The combination of this is that you can sustain growth even as the economic climate is changing.

And by using the knowledge base, the project management and task manager  inside your Yellow Jersey account you ensure that your employees are working at their fullest capacity. With our real-time KPIs you will know instantly if some teams or individual contributors are not delivering the required levels of performance and your leadership team can take the required action to get your business up to the level of performance you need. 

Does Yellow Jersey fit all companies?

Is Yellow Jersey right for your organisation?

To make the Yellow Jersey ERP/Project management powerful, lightweight and easy to use we added some features and removed other functions to get it the way the users wanted.


Yellow Jersey is great for...

1. Organisations that have a strong focus on growing sales


2. Organisations that work a lot on projects such as consultants, non-profits/NGO’s, marketing agencies, accountants, architects and so on. 


3. Organisations who receive a lot of requests from customers and need a way to stay on top of a large volume of support such as service organisations, online retailers etc.

Yellow Jersey is not a fit for

1. Organisations that are big in manufacturing as manufacturing is something we currently don’t cover

2. Organisations that are operating as multiple legal entities in multiple countries. 

Customization available

We know that each business has its own way of operating. Sometimes a little customization or the ability to integrate a unique business solution to your ERP may be what’s needed to make your company unstoppable. For this reason we offer customization for clients who have such requirements. Please get in touch and we will help you.

Guaranteed Results

Marketleading guarantee

We are confident the Yellow Jersey ERP will deliver the results you are looking for and are therefore offering the best guarantee on the ERP market: 

If your organisation implements Yellow Jersey and don’t see growth in either sales or profits within a year – the next year of licences are on us.

Choose the plan that is right for you

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  • 1-1 onboarding
  • 24/7 support included

Full Suite ERP

(Billed Monthly)
$ 149
  • Full suite ERP solution
  • 1-1 onboarding
  • 24/7 support included


For large organisations
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  • Full suite ERP solution
  • 1-1 onboarding
  • 24/7 support included
  • Customiztation optionality
  • Personal account manager

Please choose the option that fits your organisation best:

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30-day money back guarantee

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