Below you will find guides on how to use Yellow Jersey. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us at any time.



A CRM that lets your existing sales reps increase sales conversion by up t0 300% on existing leads volume while at the same time letting you add new sales reps in under 30 minutes (and you don’t have to do any onboarding as we do it for you!)

It doesn’t matter if you have one lead or are flushed with inbound demand – you still have to close the leads to putting cash in the bank.

Keeping track of your sales pipeline and your existing customer relationships is necessary to grow. And the Yellow Jersey CRM does just that for you.

How the CRM works:

Add your leads

Create a lead form and add it to your website or add your leads one by one or bulk upload them manually. Assign the leads to the right sales representative.

All information regarding your lead such as proposals sent to the leads, tasks that need to be done related to that lead, reminders, internal notes, and activity log is stored in one place for ease of use. 

With the Kanban view, you can see each of your sales pipeline steps. This keeps your team on top of your deal flow.

Send your proposals

To send a proposal to a lead just click on the new proposal icon. Add the products or services you want to offer. Then send the proposal to the lead. (NB! It is so quick to create a proposal you can send the customer the proposal during the sales meeting and ask for the close there and then. Try this and see your sales skyrocket. Research shows you can grow sales by over 26% alone if you send the proposals within 24h compared to 4 days.

Close the sales

The lead can also make comments directly on the proposal page and you can respond in the same place. All the information is stored under your leads page in the CRM. So, you remember all you have promised him or her.

Get paid

Once you have sealed the deal you convert the lead to a customer with a click and then you can invoice him/her or start a project for the customer both inside Yellow Jersey.

Grow sales even more with more sales reps

And since the Yellow Jersey CRM is easy to use, your average sales rep is fully up and running after a 30 minute individual onboarding session (which we provide for you free of charge when you sign up your for Yellow Jersey. That means all you have to do to get your sales team onboard is to add their contact info and we do the rest. You got other things to focus on, no? 🙂


Once the team is onboarded, you can set goals and targets for them to reach: Total sales, number of new accounts, % converted and so on

Project management

Let’s be honest. Managing projects can be a real pain in the ass. So many details, messages, and people all flying back and forth. Hey – Don’t forget client feedback, signatures, and documentation.


The Yellow Jersey project management solution let’s run your projects like a pro while at the same time giving you time to grow other parts of your scale-up as well so that your project managers, and team  members can finally take a breath of relief.

How it the project management works

Create a project

Create the project. Set milestones, tasks and assign them to your team members.

Tasks get done

Each assignee/team member follows the instructions in the tasks.

Manage with control

Managers follow progress as tasks are completed or left undone and as your team reach new milestones. See if the logged hours match your budget.

Share info about the project

Share project info with the client or others who needs to be kept in the loop and create reports with a few clicks.

Send invoices


Invoice clients for projects to ensure better cash flow.

Lower shoulders

When you keep all project info in one place you get on top of things. So you should not be surprised if you feel less stress and experience lower shoulders when all your projects are managed in Yellow Jersey.


The Yellow Jersey Hr-platform let’s you scale your team with a few clicks It’s so easy to use that new team members are firing on all up and running in a few minutes

How the HR-platform works

Add your team members

Add each of your team members personal info. Such as name, address, email, position, salary, taxes so on and give access as you see fit.

Create and staff shift plans

Create shifts, staff those shifts and every team member can see when he is on. You can also set multiple locations if that is needed.


As your team members work they report their hours worked and your managers can approve their timesheets.

Run payroll

When it’s that time of the month again you run payroll with a few clicks. (Beta mode)


Support ticketing

A client support and ticketing solution that lets you collect and respond to all customer requests in one

How the support ticketing works

Create a support tickets

Create support tickets manually as you get questions from customers or set up support forms on your website to have the requests being added automatically. 

Support team respnds

Use templates or write responses from scratch. 

Everything is kept in one place

All communication regarding each ticket is saved under the lead or clients for easy follow-up at a later stage.


Measure KPIs

Make sure your clients are happy by measuring your support KPIs and act if you need to.

Knowledge Base

The Yellow Jersey knowledge base makes your team quicker than your competitor. And it turns new hires into A players with minimal training.

When you were 5 guys all in the same room each team member knew how things were done.

As companies grow, things get more complicated. How do you make sure each new hir is up to date? How should she or he knows how things are done? What do you tell clients when they say X? Or Y?

You need a way to deliver the same message consistently.

And how do you keep your culture the way you want it to be?

You need to set some operating standards and create common manuals.


By setting up a Knowledge Base in Yellow Jersey you’re setting your team up to respond to challenges faster and with more consistency than your competitors are able to.

Create Knowledge Base articles and How-to-manuals that you can use internally or share with clients.

If you are tired of answering the same question over and over this is a blessing.

How the Knowledge Base works

Find the bottlenecks

Find the areas that your team needs to improve the most or the questions that clients s ask the most.

Create Knowledge Base articles

Create Knowledge Base article that describes how your team should perform the given task or write the answers to the client’s questions.

Share the articles

Share the link to the internal articles with your team or send clients the articles answering their questions or let your support team copy/paste from the articles.

You can also insert the knowledge base articles in the support ticketing solutions inside Yellow Jersey.


Yellow Jersey lets you communicate clearly across your whole organization so that everyone is on the same page and information flows freely (without having to search 7 apps to find that message you sent somewhere!)

How the communication works inside Yellow Jersey

Send your mails inside Yellow Jersey, respond to tickets and tasks from customers and team mates, or make company wide announcements widget.

Share files and Folders

Yellow Jersey lets you share files and folders across your scale-up so that everyone have what he or she need at all time

See how Yellow Jersey lets you share files and folders

Add team members to Yellow Jersey.  Upload files and folders. Share. Your team members have access to files and folders.

Real-time KPIs

Yellow Jersey lets you stay on top of KPIs in real-time. The information is visible at any time on your dashboard.


How it works:

We track everything inside Yellow Jersey

Whenever your sales team add a lead or close a sale, a contract is about to expire, a task is performed, a ticket is responded to and so on it is registered in Yellow Jersey.


KPIs are generated

All the data registered is turned into a KPI dashboard that gives you the info you need to stay updated.

Make decisions based on real-time data

Use the insights on real-time data from your own company to make the right decicions.


With the invoicing solution inside Yellow Jersey, you create professional invoices with a few clicks. Create invoices from scratch or based on proposals or projects without having to manually reenter information on the invoice.


How it works:

Select the customer you want to invoice

Add the items or services

Add the items or services you want to invoice the client. Or create the invoice based on a proposal the client already has accepted or base the invoice on a project and add the proposal/project billing info automatically to the invoice.

Record payments or send reminders

Record the invoice as paid or send your client an reminder to ensure your cashflow stays strong.

Contract Management

It’s easy to forget that a contract is about to expire. Still, it’s easier to renew a contract than to pull in a new customer from the cold. Stay on top of contracts with the Yellow Jersey Management solution.  Get reminded when contracts are about to expire so that you can renew them before they expire.

How it works

Create a contract

Create a contract either from scratch or from a template.


Online signature

Have your leads sign the signature online.

Get reminded about expiry

Get reminders when a contract is about to expire. Use the reminders to make sure your clients are happy and have them extend the contract before a competitor can swoop the customer from you.

Fend off competiton

Use the reminders to make sure your clients extend their contracts before a competitor can swoop them from you.

Task management

Yellow Jersey ensures tasks get done on time, Team members collaborate better, and everyone stays on top of what to do without stressing


Tired of using a mix of post-it notes, spreadsheets, mobile apps, and email to keep track of- and delegate tasks? Feeling hopeless trying to follow up on what gets done? Every manager struggles until he implements a common solution for the whole team.



With Yellow Jersey, you manage your own tasks, create tasks for team members, and delegate and follow up both stand-alone tasks and tasks related to larger projects. Assign priority and set due dates. And you are up and running in a few minutes:

Here’s how it works

Create a task

Create the task. If you want you can set a priority,  a deadline and assign it to a team member. Decide if the task is billable or not. Upload files and images related to the task. Insert checklist or relate the task to a project or a customer and more.

Check tasks off the list as the tasks are completed

Use the stop watch or add time sheets manually inside each task to record work done. 
Mark the task as complete when it’s done (and ready for billing if you want to get paid for it)

Management see progress in real-time

Managers can see the tasks get completed in real-time either on a list view or on a Kanban as progress is made.


No more worrying if things get done or not. It’s black and white who performs from now on…

Expense manager

The yellow jersey is the easy way to keep track of your team’s expenses… (without having to worry you will forget billing a client for an expense!)

Here’s how it works

Upload your receipts

Upload your receipt and add the expense to Yellow Jersey. Link it to a customer or a project. Decide if you will bill the customer for this or not. (Create an invoice with 3 clicks).

All your receipts are organized in one place

All your receipts and expenses are kept in the expense manager. You can throw away your paper receipts 🙂 (*Probably need to keep them somewhere if you operate in an old fashion country where the law prohibits you from keeping all expenses online.)