What is an ERP system?

An ERP system is a software that connects all the parts of your business

An ERP system (Enterprise Resource planning) is a software that connects all the parts of your business together so that your business performs better.

The ERP system frees your team members from repetitive task and instead lets them focus on helping customers and delivering the products or services your business produces. 

Instead of fighting fires the ERP system lets management make strategic decision and focus on the longer term.

Inside the ERP system each unit within you company find the information they need to perform their job:

The system stores all the info your sales team needs to follow up and close leads. Your production units finds every spec they need to produce and deliver the goods or services. Your support team receive and responds to support tickets inside the software. Every one can create or participate in a project. Your management team can find real-time KPI’s and much more. And much much more. But you get the point… (For full spec of a what you’ll find within a modern ERP see further below.)

The result is that companies who implement a modern ERP system on average grow their revenues by 58% and profits by 80%.

ERP statistics

93% Are succesful

A 2020 report by Panorama consulting found that 93% of the companies that implemented ERP software found their implementation successful

95% see major improvements

According to Datixinc 95% of businesses achieve major improvements after their implementation through reducing process times, increasing collaboration and centralizing enterprise data.

34% Are Moving From Legacy Solutions

Old legacy software solution are still prevalent. 34% of companies looking for an ERP system is looking to move to a modern ERP solution to Panorama consulting 2019

30 % move to support growth

The 2022 ERP report by Software path showed that 30% are looking to implement an ERP system to support growth. This was especially important for companies with less than 499 users

This Video Explains What ERP Software in an easy to understand way...

We have made a video that explains how an ERP system works and how you can use it in your business.

We suggest you start by watching this video. Then if you want to know more, book a demo to see and test an ERP for yourself afterwards.

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