Yellow Jersey

From cycling passion to software

Yellow Jersey is named after the leader’s jersey in the world’s largest bike race, the Tour de France. The winner of the Tour gets a yellow jersey. But to win is not enough to be a good cyclist. You also need support riders, masseurs, mechanics, sports directors, bikes, and chefs that all work together.

The Yellow Jersey team has been working with fast-growing companies for nearly two decades. Yet we never found the existing solutions to be right. They were either old, complex, or hard to use or they didn’t have all the functionality we needed.

So we started thinking maybe we could create the software that can gives the “support riders”, “masseurs”, “mechanics”, “sports directors” and so on that are interconnected needed for a business to win.

And a few years later we are happy to bring the newest ERP system, Yellow Jersey, to the market.


 – Emil Egeland 

Founder & CEO of Yellow Jersey